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Diane S.

"This is my third retreat with Insight Eco Tours and as always they are MAGICAL!!  The laughter mixed in with spiritual teachings was exactly what I was seeking, as well as the excursions, Qi Gong, Energy session; quaint authentic village; and time for meditation. Stepping IN to me-is so valuable to my soul." Diane S

Clay M.

Trip was fantastic! Monastery was unique; food and volcano and hot springs wonderful. Qi Gong with Nancy and Caroline's healing session were a highlight-as was our fun group-so many laughs!

Karen P.

Caroline makes traveling to new and far away places feel like home. Her connections with local guides makes it extra special and memorable as if we are  apart of the culture we visit. I felt this in Peru and the Azores.  Nancy's Yoga, teachings and Qi Gong helps to ground me.

Dale H.


      "You two are the dream team!

Loved the combination of yoga, hiking,

energy work and OH, the Chef's....THE FOOD! Our connected group a huge          highlight!


"I have the pleasure of joining Caroline & Nancy on this incredible journey to the closest I will ever get to Paradise,  Willka Tika Chakra Gardens in the Sacred Valley of Peru. It was like being in Heaven on Earth!!

From the moment I arrived, I felt the love and hospitality from both Caroline and Nancy and the staff.  The accommodations were wonderful, the staff beyond belief with love, the food to die for, the Chakra gardens so healing, the atmosphere so spiritual. It truly was a life changing experience for me.  Caroline is an Amazing Leader and Nancy’s Yoga and Meditation were to die for!! A highlight was I riding horseback for the first time with the encouragement and support of this group, overcoming a big fear!!

 I continue to be so grateful to be led to this paradise and to Caroline and Nancy for being the conduits that brought me there."

Susan T.

"The minute Caroline and Nancy confirmed plans to bring a small group to Peru for adventure, yoga and meditation, I knew I was in! The trip exceeded my every expectation of what an experience like this could be. We laughed from sun up to sun down, challenges ourselves emotionally and physically and drank in the pure magic that is Peru. It was truly the trip of a lifetime!"
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