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"The minute Carey and Nancy confirmed plans to bring a small group to Peru for adventure, yoga and meditation, I knew I was in! The trip exceeded my every expectation of what an experience like this could be. We laughed from sun up to sun down, challenges ourselves emotionally and physically and drank in the pure magic that is Peru. It was truly the trip of a lifetime!" - Susan T.

"I have the pleasure of joining Carey & Nancy on this incredible journey to the closest I will ever get to Paradise,  Willka Tika Chakra Gardens in the Sacred Valley of Peru. It was like being in Heaven on Earth!!

From the moment I arrived, I felt the love and hospitality from both Carey and Nancy and the staff.  The accommodations were wonderful, the staff beyond belief with love, the food to die for, the Chakra gardens so healing, the atmosphere so spiritual. It truly was a life changing experience for me.  Carey is an Amazing Leader and Nancy’s Yoga and Meditation were to die for!! A highlight was I riding horseback for the first time with the encouragement and support of this group, overcoming a big fear!!

 I continue to be so grateful to be led to this paradise and to Carey and Nancy for being the conduits that brought me there."

–Diane Smith 2015


Our heart knows what our mind has forgotten -- it knows the sacred that is within all that exists, and through a depth of feeling we can once again experience this connection, this belonging.

- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee 

"Traveling with Carey and Nancy anywhere would be a delight. This trip to the Wilka Tikka and Manchu Picca of Peru is beyond sublime. An indulgence for all your senses. 


The resort is a haven with multicolored flowers bathing you with healing smells and sights. Arising at dawn, you experience seven species of hummingbirds, three are emerald green, hovering just beyond your reach. The flapping of their wings buzz loudly as you journal. Lifting your eyes to the russet colored mountains you say good morning to Pancha Mama and Pancha Grandfather??. They will protect and nourish you during your time exploring Peru. The locals call them sacred guardians. I call them wise, beautiful and wondrous.


The food is another journey into exploring your senses. Vegetarian fare is served daily. You will feast on flowers, vegetables of all colors, textures and tastes, again exploring the local garden in unique and delicious ways. A favorite treat each morning is the large basket of green, fresh herbs available at the tea station. Steep them in hot water and sip a taste of earth. Healing washes over. Grace is found.


Still yet another facet of the trip are the yoga sessions led gently and respectfully by Nancy. Yoga after supper is done lying down to restore and prepare for bed. Hikes to the salt mine, local craftsmen and of course the day trip to Manchu Picca are all well orchestrated. The polarity treatments are a trip to the other side of  consciousness designed to increase awareness and intuition.


I haven't even mentioned the midnight bath under the stars, soaking in eucalyptus and carnations or the many therapeutic treatments found in the spa. 


Choose this trip and prepare for an adventure into the self and beyond that will give you memories to last a lifetime."  Julia B.

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