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Caroline often will include an intuitive session in her Retreat itinerary-when time allows.

"If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down" by Roy T. Bennett

As an Intuitive healer one has a vast understanding of how the body’s natural energetic fields work and flow through the system and channels of the individual. Intuitive healing is a method that encompasses and works on the whole of the person on the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level. Various healing methods and insights assist intuitive healers to connect to Source/ Universal energy fields to provide intentional messages from spirit. In these “realms” there are no limitations of time or space. 

How does it work? The Intuitive healer uses their gifts, which come in forms such as visual, audial, or deep knowing and feeling, to receive spiritual guidance for the individual they are working with. This gives them the ability to unlock issues within that person's energetic system. thus allowing for more joy, balance & vitality in their life. Understanding the subtle nuances and images provided, help the healer identify the blocks, traumas, stuck or stagnant energy, and imbalances of the client. Intuitive healing is a technique that facilitates a cascade of events on all levels energetically to bring one into their true aligned self again.

Intuitive practitioners are working towards creating a shift in the energetic system of their client. Supporting release(s) in the subtle energetic bodies and eventually felt in the physical. The primary goal is to get to the root of what is ailing the client through spiritual guidance and intuition. Intuition being the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. With this expanded knowledge, the Practitioner brings awareness to the client providing information to work through releasing the stuck energy that is causing them dis-ease, stress, pain, anxiety or discomfort. In addition, the Intuitive Healer will provide tools to the client to assist in the releasing and integrating process for continued relief.  Profound life-changing transformative results can happen on the first visit.

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